Covenant Relationships

  • Abner ‘s deepest desire is to spend eternity pursuing the knowledge of G-d. From a place of friendship with G-d, the ministry of For Such A Time As This, Inc. was birthed. This ministry assignment has taken Abner throughout the United States and the nations ministering in various settings and streams in the body of Christ. Abner’s ministry is marked with the proclamation of the Kingdom of G-d, resulting in life changing encounters with the Holy Spirit. These life changing encounters bring lasting change to individuals, churches, and regions.

  • Ruth Mangiacapre is a prophetic minister, teacher, and seer in the body of Christ. She has been in full time ministry for over twelve years. She pioneered Impact ministry of the Triad in 2007 after serving as an associate pastor for 7 years in North Carolina..

    Ruth’s passion is to train, equip and release people into their gifts and callings. This is accomplished through conferences, preaching/ teaching and retreats. She has been teaching the School of the Prophets for the past three years in High Point, North Carolina at New Day the Church at High Point where she and her husband are part of the leadership team. She has graduated over 100 students and has over 40 enrolled in the current session. She has traveled both here and abroad, releasing the word of the Lord.

  • We believe that everyone deserves an encounter with the Father. It is our heart to create atmospheres that are conducive to this and promote it in everyday life. When we see God with unveiled faces we are transformed into His likeness and become the representation of the Father's heart on the earth.

  • Mike and Sharon Adams have been actively ministering in the inner healing field for more than 30 years. They have been trained in Elijah House (basic and advanced), Theophostic, and Sozo (basic, advanced and internship at Bethel Redding). They have also completed 2 years of the School of Supernatural Ministry and 2 years and internship of the New Day School of The Prophetic. In addition they have studied many other inner healing programs, including Restoring the Foundations and the teachings of Jack Frost and Jim Banks. They are constantly learning and adding new skills to their ministry.  

    They founded Third Heaven Healing(TM) in 2014 to bring all of their knowledge and skill into one integrated program. This has evolved into a training school of 13 weeks of Inner Healing Foundations and 13 weeks of Advanced Third Heaven Healing. Many have commented that this is the most comprehensive inner healing training available today.

    Mike and Sharon travel to churches to bring their wisdom and insight by leading conferences and training schools. Their "tag-team" speaking style is both interesting and delightful.

  • At Canvas, we seek to be Authentic in everything we do. We desire to be people with genuine hearts, who are real and accessible. We focus on creating an atmosphere where worship is real, the presence of God is tangible, and each person feels valued.

  • Arise Birmingham is lead by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. Our senior leadership team consists of five leaders that each represent one of the five gifts. This leadership approach, also known as five-fold ministry, creates a leadership culture where each role is of equal importance and empowered to advance the Kingdom of God through the anointing placed on their life. Five-fold ministry is driven by a compassionate love for the body of Christ, always works together with excellence and integrity, and always honors the gift in another so that the world may know the power and love of Jesus.